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Jesús Marino Foundation

August, 2012

The Diego Salazar Foundation is continuing its mission to improve the living conditions of those most in need by donating a beach house to the Jesús Marino Foundation. Knowing that fun and contact with nature are important aspects of children’s comprehensive development, the Diego Salazar Foundation contributed a building conveniently located on the Miranda state coast, which will be used as a place where children and young people with mental and cognitive disabilities can play and relax.

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July, 2012

CIPECC, the Integral Center for Cognitive and Communicative Stimulation, is an important establishment dedicated to educating children with special needs. The Diego Salazar Foundation is proud to support this institution by covering the annual expenses of a group of children from low-income families, as well as donating additional funds earmarked for remodeling its facilities.

Hospital Dr. José Antonio Urrestarazu

January, 2012

Aware of the needs of Hospital Dr. José Antonio Urrestarazu, the Diego Salazar Foundation provided a mobile health unit equipped with the most modern equipment for resuscitation and intensive therapy. This is in addition to the significant list of contributions the Diego Salazar Foundation has made to this important health center in the Caripe area of Monagas state.

The Bravos del 23 de Enero

July, 2011

At the Diego Salazar Foundation, we believe that sports are a fundamental part of the healthy, comprehensive development of our children. That is way we are committed to children from more disadvantaged sectors, and have made a significant donation to the "Bravos del 23 de Enero" basketball academy. It was in this very academy where basketball star Greivis Vásquez made his first baskets before becoming part of the Memphis Grizzlies NBA team. Thanks to this contribution, many children form the 23 de Enero sector will be able to follow in his footsteps and enjoy the multitude of benefits offered by this sport.

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Liceo Miguel Vecchio, Liceo Dr. Julian Padrón and Escuela Abraham Lincoln

October, 2010

In October 2010, the Diego Salazar Foundation made contributions to three important educational establishments in the Caripe area of Monagas state: Liceo Miguel Vecchio, Liceo Dr. Julián Padrón and Escuela Abraham Lincoln. These three establishments received school equipment, computing equipment, musical instruments, and audiovisual equipment that will benefit around two thousand young people who currently study there.

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