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Tonight is a night of feast

for those confined

early morn and the wind

these stealthy destroyers

of silence

solidary companions

of thought

bring us a happiness

of beaches and colors.

The early morn and the wind

wall demolishers

tunnel excavators

winged visitors

all, speak of liberty.

They filter through the jail bars

destroy the locks

and bring on that murmur

an hurricane of crowds

storm of the people of a country

screams that create songs

and reach us profoundly

from faraway Cumaná.

Jail, then, scared queries

“why does the song

 of those thousands of beings resound”?

and the early morn and the wind

respond in unison:

they plead that you vanish away

that you open your doors and windows

that you cease existing

that no prisoners ever exist.

Then, without waking anyone

i sing a Malagueña

faraway you can hear the cuatro

its strings hit a gallop

by the shore of the Manzanares

Diego Salazar Luongo

Translator’s Note

Cumaná: is a coast city on the east of Venezuela.
Malagueña: also called Malagueña it´s a song and dance.
Cuatro: is a small four-stringed guitar, typically played in the plains of Venezuela, and the Andean regions
Manzanares: river in Venezuela.