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Hunger is also a Weapon

Come hunger

embrace us hunger

respond to our call

become a weapon

of these prisoners on strike.

We still don´t feel your wounding havoc

yet we yearn it

we rather die through your action

than see ourselves humiliated, dispossessed,

trampled on

by our jail wardens.

Leave alone in peace

those who are humble on earth

and see through the jail bars

turning into a liberating sword.

Does it not flatter you

That someone claims for your presence?

I´m sure it must flatter you and also seem strange.

About that, and many other issues

i would like to explain to you

but today there is no time.

You are already here, burning our entrails, slowly

i already travel on your fantastic clouds

i can feel transported in spirals

Immensely with an infinite laxness.

Continue hunger

do not detain yourself

until the attack has ceased

by those agents of the anti-history.

And what if she does not cease?

continue your implacable advance

until you paralyze our hearts

they shall beat even with more strength

still being under ground

because the morale of these prisoners

after all and above all

continues to be irreductible.

(Written on the tenth day of his hunger strike)


Diego Salazar Luongo