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You, as the light of lives, are lifeitself

that is why no one should detain you

neither time, nor distances,

or iron bars,  that separate us.

Your  thoughts are an exceeding inexpressibly support to a son

whilst in torment.

Your  eyes, which have mourned

Him, who has fallen in combat

prolong his existence

and express the happiness

of these and those eyes

never ever captured.

Your  strong will of iron

one-thousand times demonstrated

is the swelled hurricane

of  whom is humble

who from suffering becomes exhausted.

Your flowers are my flowers

the flowers of everybody, the flowers that we all cherish

your  infinite  tenderness

behind that soft green shade of the mountain.

Your dreams are my dreams

the world that we cherish

the sunlight for the people of this country

who insurrect against hunger

offering their life

to conquer

their life that is being pulled away from them.

That is why the incarcerated son is with you

  running through these paths

sowing in all corners

 the seeds of liberty.


Diego Salazar Luongo