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Sweet little one

In this new day

i wake up with the memory

of your absence

my cherished sweet little one.

how immensely great.

i looked for you amongst the sheets

as always.

i found you in the warmth

of the pillows

just like before.

Raptured in your garden

fresh and generous

still yet galloping

sipping from the flower of your mouth

the infinite nectar

i then possess what is mine

sweet little one.

I told you so, remember?

love,  just like stubbornness

proliferates in difficult  times.

In three years that have elapsed

have the bars not been able to separate us.

In such a long storm-ridden life

we preserve for each other

this dawn break smile.

We go crazy together

sleep together

wake up also, real close to each other

looking at each other, filling each other

with that love of fire

that  you brought

my cherished sweet little one.

Diego Salazar Luongo