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How great it is to be strong and sturdy like a rock

that all that which opposes you and yet nothing will change your mind

that obscure beings try to humiliate you

that your children beg for money and you don´t have any to give them.

That you know your brothers fight with rifles

that you wish to send them provisions

that you don´t even have enough for buying a cigarette

that asphyxia embraces your chest.

That you think on your beloved one, you yet don´t even know

that her invisible caresses cover you

that you feel hunger, and are offered instead, a drink

that the liquor tastes like heaven and then like bile.

That you may suffer and suffer from craze of happiness

that you may not be content if that implies being calm

that the sea gives you drowsiness so you may feel less

that  the sea may be your tomb after hell.

That you never give away in denouncements when you are tortured

that you don´t become a coward before the great force inflicted upon you

that when you defeat it, you may still be the same.

that  you make history, without being told to do so

that you meet men with your same courage.

Diego Salazar Luongo