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To Our Brothers In Jail

How I wish I could be at your side

and somehow, am I not so?

may there be jail bars in my gaze

padlocks in our way

sadness in my nights.

But these thoughts live in dearly days

the unforgettable memories

to the chant and happiness

of those whom when they left, took us with them.

Of our brothers in jail

who handcuffed left

to another faraway jail.

And from their soaring journey

their gaze returned to invade us

and here still are their hands

from implacable fights

from infinite stories.

May no one mourn today their farewell

tomorrow, bonfires of victory

which shall witness the liberated chants

of our brothers in jail

joining thus, in one whole sun

the most profound traces

 of the irreductible.

How I wish to be at your side

and somehow, am I not so?

i  can forebode dawn.


Diego Salazar Luongo