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For the Diego Salazar Foundation, there is no nobler cause than saving neglected children, that is why we are proud to support important institutions such as Hogar Bambi, the Benposta Foundation and the UMA Foundation. These three institutions have a good reputation in our country. For over 20 years, Hogar Bambi has provided comprehensive care to children who have been deprived of their family environment. The Fundación Benposta Nación de Muchachos (Benposta Nation of Boys and Girls Foundation) has been working in Venezuela since 1990, covering the needs of countless children who lack material and emotional resources, while the network of volunteers from the UMA Foundation offers assistance and comprehensive care to both disadvantaged young and older people. In addition, the Diego Salazar Foundation has been responsible for providing equipment and educational materials to numerous educational establishments, such as the José Gonzalo Méndez School, Santo Tomás de Aquino School, Claret School and the Refugio de la Infancia School in Antímano. Nearly two thousand students in Monagas state have been benefited from our donations of electronics, sport equipments, and musical instruments to the Abraham Lincoln School and to the secondary schools called Julián Padrón and Miguel Vecchio.